Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clean Clean Clean, Yarn Yarn Yarn

As I sat in my dorm room on a really nice Sunday afternoon, I realized the need to clean was at hand.

I started by just cleaning the very small portion of my dorm room and putting clothes where they belong and everything else that was crawling on my floor.
After I cleaned the main part of my section I decided it was time to tackle the craft box and the knitting box. As a young knitter I dont have as much yarn as the one who has been knitting and collecting yarn for years, but I would say I have a rather good amount.

The one thing I dont like about cleaning out things like a yarn bin is the fact that you dont think you have that much yarn untill you see it all. As I pulled out skein and balls of yarn, I started to feel proud and ashamed at my yarn collection but more proud then ashamed that I own as much as I do.

I also found that the whole I will only do 4 projects at a time went to the wayside when i found two more projects at the bottom of the bin that I had just put away for another day. I guess I will just add more to my to do list of projects and attempting to get them completed fast as I am known for in and among the people I know.

The pink cardigan is most likely not going to be finished in my initial time frame of three weeks as that comes up on Saturday and I havent even finished the body and I still have the sleeves to work on, but the ambition is not gone and I still plan on finishing it before the spring blink our school gives us in a couple of weeks...untill next time!