Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As my junior of college comes to an end I find myself looking back and attempting to figure out just how all of a sudden I am going to be starting my senior year of college. I guess luckily for me I get to stay an extra semester for an internship but I still look back in amazement of where time has gone.

When I started knitting and was thrust ed into the online world of I looked at a bunch of different college groups that mentioned how much people knit during finals. I happen to knit all of the time so I didn't think that finals week would be any different. Boy was I mistaken completely. I have come to find that a good way to relieve stress and to feel like you are actually accomplishing something is to knit during finals week. You feel the take home finals and studying are getting you no where so at least with knitting you can see the actual progress that is happening.

My 20th birthday was a few weeks ago and my wonderful knitting master who is teaching me/taught me everything I know gave me my first ever sock kit! I was really thrilled to make socks as it was one of the things that I had not dived into yet. I have completed my first ever cardigan and it looks amazing and I get so many compliments on it but I hadn't begun my first ever pair of socks. At first I have to admit that I found it completely awkward to knit with needles that I could literally fit through my ear hole where I put my ea rings in. As I finally got the hang of it and continued I am starting to like it a little more. I still prefer my size 8 or 9 needles when making a scarf as i seem to get somewhere faster but this is satisfying. I am working on a basic sock as to not get too ambitious even though it seems that I am in regards to knitting. I just finished the ribbing section of the cuff of one of my socks and I am now onto the 70 rows of St st.

I have already completed 3 finals and only have 2 left tomorrow and then I am off to my home where i get to relax (work at a local fast food restaurant) for 3 months before moving into a new home and a new adventure starting my senior year of college.

The adventure continues.....