Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roundabout Knitting

As I continue on my knitting adventure I find that I can very much so get easily bored with any one project and want to move on to antoher. I have 4 projects going right now, and it is all that I will allow myself to have (to start a new project i must finish one thats already in the works)

I am now working on the orange scarf for my far off friend, a green hat that will be traded for some lovely head bands, and my pink cardigan which is going much better then expected, even though I do not think that my 3 week goal that I set is going to be accomplished.

For the past couple of days i have devoted each day to a certain project and focus on doing as much of that project as I can and then the next day I work on a different project, it is working well for me for now, but it might not last long.

I finally purchased my first ever knitting magazine because I loved the cardigan on the front cover (Creative Knitting March 2010). There is a lot of other good things in there that I am going to try and accomplish as I continue on this wonderful journey into the world of knitting.

As for now I am back to watching The Amazing Race and working on my lace pattern for my to more adventures!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Math Class!

My adventures sometimes take me past ust knitting as it did today. I had to write a poem for my math class on anything that I wanted but I had to use 12 math terms out of a whole list that were given to us by the teacher. I knew I wanted to write a poem based on knitting since its something that seems to draw a lot of attention expecially since I am young.
Here is the poem I wrote:


A hobby in which the ratio of young to old
Is definitely a story to be told
The skewed views of the world
Are views that need to be unfurled.

Knitting is not for the faint of heart
It is a hobby that is really a work of art
Circular knitting needles and I-Chords
Are definitely not something to be ignored

The formula for getting a project complete
Starts with a graph that needs to be neat
Next you must decide on what yarn to use
It’s not that simple so be careful what you choose

Next you must pick the right needle size
Circular, straight, or double pointed you must be wise
Casting on is what you do first
You need to keep your lines straight or you might be cursed

Once you get to the midpoint of your project
You will need to take a moment to reflect
Check everything before moving on
Or else all your work might end up gone

The proof will be in your work
You will most likely be so satisfied you will smirk
The positive praise you receive
Will leave others to finally believe

Knitting is not only for the old
It is for all ages who dare to be bold!

Friday, February 19, 2010

School and Knitting

So its been a while since I have written on this thing, and even though I doubt that anyone reads this thing since I only have two other posts, I figured I would still write on here.

Last Thursday I started my first ever very big project, which is the February Lady Sweater in a nice pink color. I have so far complete the whole collar and have started on the actual lace work for the body. I am suprised at how fast I am going and originially decided that I would be able to complete this in three weeks but looking at it again I am not so sure that would be possible, but I knit fast so we shall see. I guess the race begins.

I am also working on two other scarves right now, one for my roomate which I have been working on for a while and will not take that long to complete but its such a simple pattern that I seem to get bored very easily. Another scarf that I am working on is a beautiful orange scarf from a friend that I hadn't heard from in a long time. It seems that knitting brings people into your life that you didnt even remember existed because all of sudden, they want this and they want that to be made for them, and it seems like you become popular for a split second, only to realize that the reason you are becoming popular is because you are knitting, which in and of itself could be considered, not cool.

School is hectic but i still manage to find time to knit, especially in the classrooms where all they do is lecture I find myself sitting in the back knitting because honestly its the only way I can concentrate.
I should probably end this now as I have to go and prepare a lesson to teach to kindergartners on simple math. Till later.