Monday, March 28, 2011

Out of the ashes

It has been a while since I have blogged but it has not been a while since I have been crafting.

I have not knitted in a while, I finished a beanie for my 2 1/2 year old niece back in December but I did not send it off untill Friday. It came out really good and I am sure she is going to love it and wear it even though they live in Alabama and it is starting to warm up. Along with her beanie I sent onsie cupcakes that I made for my nephew who is due into the world in May. My brother and sister in law decided that they are going to name him James Jason Robinson as of now. The middle name might change but for now that is what they are sticking with. The onsie cupcakes came out really good but I forgot to take a picture so I am going to have my sister in law take a picture and send it to me when she gets the package. I also sent another onsie in the box because it was too cute and I had to send it.

I love this picture, I did not get to buy anything this cute when Grace was a baby so I am making up for lost outfits with this baby.

I am also continuing to work on a quilt I am making for Grace, I am hoping to have it finished by her third birthday which is June 25. The quilt looks really good and htis is my first quilt so I am attempting to do it correctly. The back of the quilt is green fleece with ladybugs. The only thing I have left to do is the binding and I am making the binding myself out of fabric that is pink with purple and white polka dots.

About a few months ago I decided to invest in a bread machine. There is just something about putting a set of ingredients in a pan and then four hours later having a comlete loaf of heaven pop out. A few months after purchasing the bread machine, I realized that I needed a bread knife in order to cut the bread and not deflate it. Hence a few weeks ago I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase an actual bread knife. This is now my beloved knife and I attempt to only use it to cut bread because I do not want to mess it up. Living in a house with three other people however, means that things get used when you dont want them to. The knife has been used countless times and now has rust stains on it and so I have decided to do something in order to keep my beloved knife from being used innapropriately. I am going to make a knife bag to keep the knife in and then put it on my shelf in the kitchen to enable its longevity. I am working on the bag today and will hopefully have pictures to put up along with a loaf of bread that I intend on making.

Untill next time ...