Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roundabout Knitting

As I continue on my knitting adventure I find that I can very much so get easily bored with any one project and want to move on to antoher. I have 4 projects going right now, and it is all that I will allow myself to have (to start a new project i must finish one thats already in the works)

I am now working on the orange scarf for my far off friend, a green hat that will be traded for some lovely head bands, and my pink cardigan which is going much better then expected, even though I do not think that my 3 week goal that I set is going to be accomplished.

For the past couple of days i have devoted each day to a certain project and focus on doing as much of that project as I can and then the next day I work on a different project, it is working well for me for now, but it might not last long.

I finally purchased my first ever knitting magazine because I loved the cardigan on the front cover (Creative Knitting March 2010). There is a lot of other good things in there that I am going to try and accomplish as I continue on this wonderful journey into the world of knitting.

As for now I am back to watching The Amazing Race and working on my lace pattern for my to more adventures!

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