Friday, January 15, 2010

A Jump into the Online World

As I start this adventure into knitting and blogging at the same time, I sit here and wonder how I actually have this much time to do both.

I am a young college student who on top of taking many classes, serving in two ministries, and working part time at a local chain fast food restaurant, still manages to fit in time to knit beautiful items and type to the cyberworld.

I started knitting only two months ago from a friend who lives in the same dorm room and was willing to be my noble teacher and I figured out a way to learn to knit left handed. As soon as I eventually got the hang of it, I realized how much this made me happy. I was all of a sudden thrusted into the world of knitting and no longer was it just known as needles and yarn it became bamboo, aluminum, aplaca, acrylic, blocking, and a lot more.

I feel we are a lucky generation to have the cyberworld at our fingertips, to do and find anything we like. I was introduced to a knitting community where I was able to explore the countless opportunities that knitting could bring me.

I have now since starting two months ago completed 6 scarves and 1 hat. I search the database on ravelry often to find new things to knit for friends or even strangers who ask me to knit for them.

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