Sunday, January 17, 2010

Over and Over and Over Again!

As I write this I am exhausted!!

I just spent a weekend with a group of high school students at my church on a weekend retreat and one thing I have learned about high schoolers, is that they do not appreciate the value of sleep at all.

With that being said since the last time I wrote I started a scarf that I am working on for my roomate about 6 times. Everytime I would get a couple of rows in and realize that I dropped a couple of stitches and I get so stubborn that I just take it out and re-do it. Thanks in much help to my friend who taught me to knit I didn't have to re-do the scar for the 7th time as she helped fix a drop (which I need to learn really soon) and I am well on my way to a beautiful scarf for my roomate.

The other project that I am working on at this moment is a beanie for a friend of a friend who saw me knitting and said hey would you like to make me a beanie and i said sure. So here I am making a beanie for someone I met twice but hey it gives me a reason to try out a new pattern from the lovely ravelry database.

Thats all for to more adventures

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