Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Time

I am home now with my family which includes my father, my mother, my two sisters, and our new addition to the family, our dog named Ruby.

When I got home from school my plan was to knit and craft and knit and craft as much as I can because I have so much more time, or so I thought. My plan was to come home and work a lot because my roomates and I are moving off campus next year and into a beautiful house located close to school. I was hoping to work anywhere from 25 to 30 hours a week and luckily my boss said that was fine, even though I wasnt really expecting it. I have come to realize that as I have way more time that I am way more tired because of work, a 9 hour day on your feet can be exhausting and by the time I get home I dont want to do anything but sit on my bed and watch TV.

This past weekend I got a few text messages from the one who taught me to knit and a really close friend of mine and she told me that she was having a hard time but being that she lives an hour or so away from me I couldnt be there right away for her. I decided though to suprise her and go on a day trip on a Sunday when I could go to church and then lunch and then to her new apt to hang out and be with her. I had stopped knitting a few weeks ago when I got to a point in my socks where I did not know what to do. I finished a scarf for a guy friend of mine shown below. I decided that since I was going to see my friend that I might as well take my socks and have her help me along to the next part of the sock. She is the best I must say and has helped me get going on the next part of the sock.

Something that came to me when I was visiting her was the fact that I want to knit more when I am in her presence then when I am home alone, I hoping to start kintting more progressively instead of spending as much time on the internet. So now I am off to lunch and then knitting and watching a movie.... untill next time

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