Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am a huge Greys Anatomy fan, and a very dedicated one from the beginning of the show. A lot of people catch onto to shows after they have been on for a couple of years but I have always loved Dr shows and so when I found out it was going to be airing back in like 2005 ish my brother who is 3 years older then me and I decided to watch the show and have been hooked ever since. If you are also a Grey's Anatomy fan you will know that tonight was the season finale for the 6Th season of this wonderful show. Not only was it intense I decided that I needed to knit through the show which had its ups and downs. With such intensity I didn't think that it was good that I was holding needles that at any scary or shocking moment I could stick them hard through my skin. (i was knitting with size 3 needles -- I will talk about what I am working on later) The ups though were the fact that when I didn't necessarily want to look at the TV screen I could just knit at a rapid pace, psyching myself out thinking if I knitted faster the show would go by faster and thus be less scary at times. All in all the finale was absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend anyone who hasn't watched Grey's anatomy to start from season 1 and watch it, you will love it!

OK so now that my love for Grey's has been expressed onto what this blog is suppose to be about, me and my knitting adventures.

I decided to look into a back pack that is still packed from moving out of the dorms and I found a project that I discovered (thanks to ravelry) that I started on Feb 10 and it happened to be a dish cloth for my mother. It is in purple because that happens to be her favorite color and was suppose to be finished for mother's day but as seeing it is way past that its just going to be an "I love you for being my mommy" gift. Its a cute dishcloth and such a simple pattern I am not sure why I haven't gotten farther along faster, but I am going to keep it in my bed side table drawer and it will be my night knitting before I go to bed until I finish it, which I project to happen in a few weeks as I am going to be taking my time.

The sock is still coming along nicely and I am a few or like 30 rows away from starting the toe. I have made an executive decision to take the sock and frame it and use it as artwork in my new house that I am going to be moving into in 80 days! It wont fit my foot or my sisters and since its a simple sock I decided to make it art and then start a real pair of socks for myself after I finish this one.

I think I have ranted and gone on and on for now, until next time, let the adventures continue!

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