Thursday, June 3, 2010

Since starting this whole adventure of knitting I have come to find that the kind of yarn you use and needles that you use definitely do determine the quality of product that you produce. The one who taught me to knit told me about the wonderful website and the needles and yarn that they have and how much she loved it. I decided to finally look and really consider ordering stuff of knitpicks and I did. For a background story, I have a great friend whose mom has been watching me knit since I started back in November and asked if I could knit her a hat and scarf set for winter. Of course I said yes but it helped even more that she happens to be a fabulous painter and offered to paint me a picture just for me! I have always loved her paintings and since I will be moving into the new house in just 65 days I figured it would be something great to put into my room. She had bought me some yarn to use for her set but I didn't like the feel of the yarn or any patterns that would work with that yarn so I told her I would find some yarn and get it. I came across the Imagination set of yarn on knitpicks and loved loved loved it! I found the Damsel yarn and it looked like the same color pallet of the yarn she had given me and decided that it was going to be what I was going to use. So i am expecting that in the mail very soon. I also purchased my first set of Harmony Wood circular knitting needles which have such a smooth cable (and I didn't realize there could be a difference in cables!) and I am using them to knit the imagination yarn for my friends mom.

On a finishing note, I finished my art for the art decoration andn I also started and finished a hat for a good guy friend of mine. After I knitted his brother a scarf he asked when he was going to get his knitted piece and he wanted a beanie so I started last Saturday when I was sick and just finished a few hours ago, I am really excited to give it to him. Below arae pictures of the two projects.

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