Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twirly Girly Skirt for Gracie

My beautiful niece seen below celebrated her birthday on June 24 so this blog is all about her. Elizabeth Grace Robinson was born two years ago to my brother Jason and his beautiful wife Brooke. She was born premature and so was tiny from the beginning and I remember holding her the first time a month after she was born (we live about 9 hours away from them in a different state) and I remember how precious she was, but more so, how excited I was that she was a girl and I could make her the most adorable things from scratch that she would love because she is a girl.

So as her second birthday approached I had to choose what I was going to take on as a task to make her because I knew I wanted to hand make her something. I fell upon this tutorial for a Twirly Twirly Skirt and immediately though of her. http://www.modabakeshop.com/2010/02/twisty-twirly-girly-skirt.html#more. Moda Bake Shop is amazing blog that I follow and while devouring their website looking at the different things I fell upon this skirt and decided that this was what I was going to make. I made my trip to Joanns to get some fabric and found a bunch of flowers, frogs, and fruit fabrics, got it all cut up and went to the counter to pay for my goods, the total cost was only 10 dollars which I was proud of since I found a lot of good fabric on sale.

I got home and let the stuff sit for a few days and then started working on starting by cutting all the fabric (which i think took the longest) and then sewing everything together. About 5 days later and about 5 movies later, as I love to watch movies while I sew, I think its a white noise thing, I finally finished the skirt and could not be more proud. Below is the skirt and I plan on mailing it in the next few days so that my niece can twirl and swirl as she plays with her dollies and rides in her wagon up and down the hall.

Untill next time ---

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