Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home for the Holiday

I am so glad and blessed that my family only lives about an hour and fifteen minutes away from where I live at school. It makes coming home to visit easy and very doable often. This semester though after moving into the new house I have not had as much time to travel back home as I would like. Its just more convenient to stay in the house since I have everything I need there. So when I get an opportunity like Thanksgiving Break I jump on the fact that I can spend time with my family and be back in my home town. I arrived late last night to surprise my mother and sisters and boy were they surprised. I also received a surprise from my family. About 4 years ago I received a huge laptop as a gift for starting my senior year in high school and dual enrolling in college. The laptop was wonderful but it was absolutely huge and the battery was not efficient. I still used it for the 4 years diligently and loved every moment with it. When I got home they escorted me to the guest room where I would be staying and low and behold there was a new laptop in a box with a bow on it just for me. There was also a card from my dad which made me tear up as I read it. Below is a picture of both of my laptops my old one on the right and my new one on the left.

Needless to say, I love it! Its still something I am getting used to but it will definitely work a lot better for what I need.

I am also finished with the scarf that I was making for a really good friend's mother. It came out beautifully and I believe will be a very nice wear especially in Florida when it does not get that cold but mostly just chilly.

I also started a scarf for myself which is something that I do not do that often. I usually just make things for others but this time I found a pattern that I really liked and had some cotton yarn left over that I wanted to use.

Other then that I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family doing all sorts of different things. Until next time...

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