Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Holiday Experiences

The Holidays bring about so many new things for me this year. If you have kept up with my very few posts you will know that I have recently moved into a house with 4 wonderful friends while we are at school. We are so excited to be able to decorate our house for Christmas this year, with a tree, lights, garland, stockings, and so much more. We also decided this year to take "family" photos and create a Christmas Card to send to our family and friends. We had considered doing one a few years back but was not able to get one done because of the craziness of being in college. This year we have a wonderful opportunity to do so! My roomate Brittany's boyfriend Michael is a wonderful photographer and offered to take photos of us in front of our house in October. We finally got the pictures back and are now going to be creating Christmas Cards. We are going to be using which is my favorite online photo shop. Thanks to shutterfly I am able to have things like a photo book, my photo wall, and many other things. This is not a website that should be kept to myself so please go check out some of their amazing products!

Christmas card to

holiday photo cards to

upload pictures to

calendar to

Hanukkah cards to

personalized mug to

Choose your own card/invitation and URL from our Cards & Stationery page

Hopefully I will be blogging again soon!!

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