Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall and Greeks

Since I am now blogging again hopefully on a steady pace I am so glad to say that it is finally starting to feel a little like fall. The weather dropped last week and we were able to turn off the AC and open the windows here in the Green House and I love it. This morning I woke up and opened my curtain and my window and have enjoyed listening to the cars going up and down US1 right outside my window.

Since it is finally decent enough to be able to sit outside and actually enjoy the weather, the roomies and I have been working on our outdoor spaces. We put lights up in our chuppah which is used to hang out in at night and its actually really beautiful.

We also have finally furnished out screened in porch, we have been on the lookout for nice wicker furniture to make our porch look like more then just a bike holding cell and we finally found 2 decent pairs of chairs and a rug to put on it and its looking really good.

This week the annual Greek festival is being held only two blocks from our house and so as we heard the music playing from our house on Friday night, we decided to go and check it out on Saturday. The roomies and I and a couple good friends walked over there and enjoyed the festival. We ate some really really good Greek food which I loved sooooo much and I got a henna ta too on my shoulder. I also purchased a beautiful basket to keep my knitting in while I move it to different places in the house. The basket was made in Ghana, Africa and a weaver there spent about 3 days making the basket, definitely a good purchase.

I also casted on a long awaited scarf that I bough the yarn for back in June. It is the Red Skies at Night Pattern and it is for a good friend of mine's mother. Mrs Donna is a wonderful woman and a great artist and when she found out that I was into knitting she asked if she could trade services and I agreed. So I need to get this thing going and its coming along very well. I had a little bit of difficulty when I first started but now I got the groove and am rolling right along.

That's all for now, hopefully I will be blogging more often depending on how school work is treating me, until next time....

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