Monday, October 4, 2010


So it has been forever since I have written on this blog and a lot has happened in my life. I have moved into a new house near my school and I live with 3 roomates and we are having such a great time. Since it is finally starting to feel a little bit like fall (60 degrees this morning) our house is filled with pumpkin scented candles and colors of red, orange, and yellow. My mom has always decorated our house in scarecrows and everything fall and I think I have inherited it from her. This also means that it is time for sweaters and scarves. I havent knitted in a long time either, so I need to start picking that back up.
Last night while watching Extreme Home Makeover with my roomates and also while trying to avoid doing my homework the best I could, I wondered back onto Ravelry. While there I decided that it was finally time for me to venture into my next stage of my knitting adventure, the swap. I had heard about swaps and the one who taught me all I know about knitting had even been involved in a couple. Its a secret pal Christmas swap on Ravelry and I am super excited about it. I am already thinking of ideas of things that I am going to put in the box. As for now I better leave on my adventure, till next time.

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