Friday, May 27, 2011


This blog is an ode to the fabric, which I love so much!

This summer since I have more time on my hands with only nannying and hanging out with friends, I decided to take on a big quilting project. About a year ago I found a quilt in my parents closet and knew I had to have it. It was made by my great grandmother and the women of her quilting ministry back in the day. I asked my dad if I could have it and he said of course. Ever since I have had the quilt I have wanted to reproduce it to keep the legacy alive in my family. Born from this idea is the quilt I am making this summer. It is all hand quilting which is a new experience for me as well as paper piecing but it has been so worth it. I started a month ago and feel like I have come so far already!

I also got a new pattern to test out from Little Lizard King and its a little romper. I am going to be making it for E the little girl I nanny for. She is 4 years old and really likes the color pink so I took her brother with me to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric and this is what we are going to be using. I cant wait to make it and have her try it on.

I was reading all of my blogs today and one that I follow called Amy's Creative Side shared that a store, The Fabric Quarter is liquidating and had fabric on sale, so I visited the site and bought three 1/2 yards to put in my stash.

That's all for this adventure, until next time!

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